Experience makes the difference

Breakthrough delivers specialist Case Management Services to clients with a variety of complex care and rehabilitation requirements.

Our clients may be pre-settlement or post-settlement and we work closely with appointing Solicitors and Court of Protection Deputies throughout the case management process. We firmly believe that effective communication is the lynchpin of successful case management.

We provide a comprehensive range of monthly reports for all clients in addition to Initial Needs Assessments that provide up-to-date information on progress, outcomes, achievement and third party costs. Case management costs are always advised 12 months in advance based on assessment of the client’s requirements; where an increase in cost is expected, or incurred due to a change in the client’s circumstances then full explanation and rationale is provided.

Breakthrough operates a clear, transparent and competitive fee structure. Case Management is a dynamic process and we invoice accordingly. Where requested, we can provide and manage client account facilities.

Our diary management, record keeping and invoicing structure is supported by industry leading cloud based software that enables full itemisation and detailed breakdown of our charges.

Immediate Needs Assessments

Initial Case Management Reports

Case Management and development of multidisciplinary rehabilitation programmes

Care Package development and implementation

Client Account Management

Recruitment and training of support workers

Clinical training and development

Outsourcing recruitment of professional clinical therapists to provide value for money and to avoid conflict of interest


In addition, we produce part 35 Expert Witness Reports for Care Needs.