What is a case manager and what do they do?

What is a case manager and what do they do?

August 11, 2021

What is a case manager and what do they do?

It is not unusual at all to be nervous about finding a case management company and appointing a case manager. At the point a case manager is required, you and your family will be experiencing new challenges, unexpected changes and life may be feeling very uncertain and unfamiliar. You probably won’t have heard of case managers or case management before, and you’ll be wondering what is involved and what we’re actually going to do. 

Sometimes, there is an initial worry that the case management process might be overwhelming – your case manager is new to you and can feel like quite a big presence in your life at first. You might feel a little out of control and this is completely understandable. Rest assured, we are here to help, guide and simplify the next steps. 

“We are at your side listening and then we articulate your needs – so you receive the practical and emotional support to rebuild your independence and quality of life.” 

This blog aims to address any fears you might have about taking on a case manager, explains how case management works, and hopefully demystifies the process for you. 

What is case management?

Because there is a process involved with case management, and one that often involves lawyers, insurers and paperwork, we understand that it can feel complex and sometimes intimidating. Put simply, the job of a case management company is to make life easier for our clients and their families.

At the same time, we aim to make things as efficient and streamlined as possible for the various professionals we work with. With the ultimate goal that every individual and family get the support they need when they need it.

Take a look at our step-by-step explanation of the case management process here. 

What makes a good case management company?

We asked one of our clients this question, to find out what they value most when working alongside a case management company. Top of their list is a case manager who is always available whenever you need them, with the right contacts and expertise to know where to go or who to contact to get things done. 

Our team all have a healthcare background in a range of disciplines, from qualified nurses and occupational therapists to physiotherapists and psychologists. We have worked in our specialised field for many, many years. We know the system inside out and understand how to navigate our way through it – so you don’t have to. At the same time, we are committed to transparency and keeping our clients fully up to date at every stage, with complete clarity and no jargon.

“Annabelle knows exactly who to approach within the system to get things done, and she never gives in!”

Is case management for families?

Absolutely. We don’t just work with an individual, we work with their entire family. And a lot of our clients tell us we have made a difference not just to them, but their loved ones as well. 

We achieve this through our collaborative approach to rehabilitation. We listen to what our clients need and bring together the best possible team to meet those needs – always overseen by our team of qualified, peer supervised case managers. This means that your whole family has full assurance right from the start that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands.

“We now have a team working with us to make life better for all of us, not just my son.”

Who needs case management?

Individuals who require rehabilitation, care and support following a personal and life changing injury will benefit from a specialist case management service. 

Experience makes the difference when working with catastrophic injuries and navigating around the medico-legal field. You might need a case manager following a traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, amputation or limb loss, for example. We have case managers experienced in all these areas.

Our expert and experienced case managers also work with individuals and families living with cerebral palsy, cauda equina, chronic pain and Brachial Plexus injury. As well as a wide range of major trauma, catastrophic life changing injuries and chronic life limiting illnesses.

“A case manager should be friendly but professional and have the right kind of personality to get on well with the person whose care they are managing, however complex their needs.”

Feeling overwhelmed?

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed by the new challenges you might be experiencing following a life changing injury. That’s why we are here. To help you take back control and look forward with a sense of positivity and optimism. 

Ultimately, our team of case managers is here to help you and your loved ones achieve maximum quality of life. And we are confident that’s the benefit Breakthrough Case Management delivers for all our clients. Because the wellbeing of the individuals and families we work with is at the forefront of everything our case managers do. 

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