What do you believe success is in relation to client care?

What do you believe success is in relation to client care?

August 10, 2022

What do you believe success is in relation to client care?

Working as I do in the field of case management, the notion of client care is a multifaceted one. In the majority of industries, client care is what happens when a client needs help resolving a problem. It’s about attentive customer service, resolving frustrations and going the extra mile to ensure successful outcomes. How a company handles ‘client care’ is indicative of its values as a whole. Client care is about building relationships that endure, through the bad times as well as the good. 

The purpose of case management is to support and guide those who have experienced a catastrophic life changing injury. Our clients and their families have experienced unimaginable upheaval. It is the job of a successful case manager to recognise the impact of such an event with real empathy, and then take the necessary steps to assist the client in achieving their goals. 

One could argue that within case management, our entire remit is one of client care, in fact case management and client care are almost interchangeable terms. The client is and always should be at the heart of everything we do. 

Our case management process follows that guiding principle. 

We establish trust at the initial meeting with our clients and aim to help them start to look forward with positivity, safe in the knowledge we are on their side. We carry out detailed Initial Needs Assessments that really get to the heart of individual  challenges and incorporate therapeutic, clinical and non-clinical recommendations. We then act on those recommendations, advocating for our clients and coordinating care and rehabilitation packages with the help of the very best professionals in their fields. 

Importantly, we monitor progress and are never afraid to reevaluate or try a different approach. Successful case management is a dynamic process. 

Of course, case management often continues beyond a settlement. Many of the individuals and families our Case Managers work with go on to receive ongoing care and rehabilitation through Breakthrough Care. At this stage, success is when functional rehabilitation can continue every single day. Always built on strong relationships and trust. 

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