Success as a case management company in 2023

Success as a case management company in 2023

January 18, 2023

Setting case management goals for success in 2023

It’s the same in a case management company as it is in any other organisation – in order to measure your success and if you’ve achieved your goals, you first need to decide where you want to be.

With Breakthrough Case Management, our primary goal for 2023 is further establishing our position as the ‘go to’ case management company for specialist expertise. We will strengthen our team of Case Managers who make a difference and effect positive change for clients. Getting even more lives back on track with the right support.

We already have a strong reputation for specialist support. Now we want to build on this and be even more widely known in the industry for our expertise and delivering results for clients and partners. This blog covers just some of the areas we plan to develop, to achieve this goal.

Collaborating to get results

We are proud to work with some of the leading personal injury lawyers and barristers in the UK. And our Case Managers are known to be instrumental in securing the best possible outcomes for our clients at settlement.

During 2022, we were privileged to assist a number of clients as their cases reached settlement achieving notable outcomes that received special acclaim from leading figures within the industry. We look forward to more of the same great teamwork in 2023.

Sustainable and focused growth

We didn’t start Breakthrough Case Management to sit still. We want to grow the business, to reach and support more people. At the same time, this growth must be sustainable and focused – for the benefit of our team and our clients.

A key element of our planned growth is strengthening the expertise in our team within specialist clinical disciplines. For example, this includes amputee case management and prosthetics, paediatric case management and mental health. We are already well known for our work in spinal cord and brain injury case management. And 2022 saw us start building the amputee case management service that we plan to grow in 2023 with significant expertise in that area.

The team’s expertise is already industry leading, but we know we can extend this and grow our reputation even further in specific areas. And we are already doing so by developing sub-teams with their own specialist areas of expertise.

Geographical coverage and functional support

The past year has also seen sustained expansion of our geographical coverage. We now operate case management services in the North East, North West, Midlands, South and South West. We want to be able to offer Breakthrough Case Management support to clients regardless of where they are located.

Of course, this growth needs to be underpinned with the right infrastructure in the form of IT and Human Resources. We are looking at newly created positions in both these areas to support our workforce as we grow in 2023.

Learning and development opportunities are another important element that underpins growth. We have a Care Quality Manager in post to support what we do and focus on excellence. And we are now a CPD accredited training provider.

Rehabilitation focused care

Our rehabilitation focused care service, delivered through Breakthrough Care, continues to go from strength to strength. We are now routinely commissioned by the NHS and Local Authorities. With the change in registration of this unique complex service and addition of Registered Nurses to the team in 2022, we plan to grow the Breakthrough Care side of the business in the coming year, alongside Breakthrough Case Management.

Taking stock and recharging

As we move further into the New Year, it’s all too easy to push forward without taking the time to reflect on the successes of the past year – or consider what it is you want or need from the year to come. This is important for our mental health and wellbeing, and we have a company wellbeing day planned to support the whole team in this area.

We encourage everyone to look at their own balance in 2023. Whether it’s working with ceramics, as one of our talented Case Managers does, or booking the time off to take a holiday. We don’t always do it well enough ourselves but it’s important to identify what your priorities are and protect time to focus on them.

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