Innovation is not confined to the realms of technology

Innovation is not confined to the realms of technology

December 22, 2021

The process of case management has always been dynamic; a good case manager must deal with multiple information streams from across the entire spectrum of allied clinical professionals working on behalf of the client, directing, overseeing and optimising the rehabilitation journey. In many ways, case management is a unique clinical discipline in its own right which perhaps explains why there is not a singular route to entry – case managers typically come from a range of clinical backgrounds including but not limited to nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychology.

I’m sometimes asked which healthcare professional makes the best case manager, and bias aside (I’m a registered nurse), there really isn’t one discipline that I think can be singled out as being more uniquely suited than another. Comprehensive experience, specific expertise and a can-do attitude are equally as important as relevant clinical qualifications.

So, how do we encourage new talent? Case management is an evolving discipline; work began back in 2008 to develop a Code of Ethics and Conduct and to establish professional pathways for case managers. More recently and going live in April 2021 is The Major Trauma Signposting Partnership Code of Conduct which Breakthrough Case Management is proud to be registered with.

In many ways, as is true in any industry, I think that those in leadership positions have to lead by example with regard to developing sound recruiting processes; streamlining on-boarding structures; refining continued mentorship programs and pursuing a culture that, whilst true to its core purpose, is one that reflects the ethos, values and beliefs of the organisation. 

At Breakthrough, Catrin and I have recently taken some time out to work with external consultants to ensure that we continue working towards creating a values-driven culture. This gave us a valuable opportunity to consider what we do well; what we want to do better and to focus on the type of organisation we want to be as we continue to grow. Getting this right is fundamental to how we develop as a business and crucially provides a framework for how we can support our team members (old and new); how they can support us and how we can all support each other. Following all this up includes holding individual meetings with every member of our organisation – collaborating across the board; hosting group ‘away days’ and nurturing our new talent as we develop comprehensive in-house accredited training programs.

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