How important is a company’s website?

How important is a company’s website?

December 22, 2021

It’s significant that eight out of ten consumers are influenced by company websites. However, when it comes to our potential clients, they are much more than just consumers. Visitors to the Breakthrough website are here because either a loved one, or they themselves, have experienced a life changing injury. While website design and SEO are important, there’s so much more to it. It’s about providing people with information -  who we are, what we stand for, and support.

That’s why our team recently embarked on a project to develop a new website. We won’t pretend it’s been easy. There’s been a lot of soul searching, questions asked and (amicable) differences of opinion. But we are excited about our new website, and everything we have learnt in the process will shape our wider strategy, identity and purpose as a business.

The first challenge was our brand. We’ve had the same logo since we started Breakthrough Case Management. We recognise that the business has progressed a lot over the years and decided that a refresh will reflect our growth and authority in the sector. 

The imagery on our website needs to provide reassurance, along with a tone of integrity and professionalism delivered with sympathy and empathy. And, a sense of optimism for the future for our clients. Our hope is that individuals can see themselves reflected in a positive way within the images we have chosen. Someone who may have experienced a catastrophic injury but nevertheless is living with purpose, energy, drive and determination. Because that’s what we strive to achieve every day for every single one of them.

When it comes to user experience we keep it simple. What do people need to know? How do we express this in clear, jargon free writing that isn’t intimidating? We stick to plain English, use flow diagrams to explain our processes and provide different audiences with what they need. For example, individuals and their families will have different questions to our colleagues in the legal and insurance professions.

Ultimately our website is more than selling a product or service. It’s about demonstrating to people why Breakthrough exists. The job of a case management company is to make life easier and better - for our clients and their families, and the various professionals we work with. Our website should do the same. Please do take a look and let us know what you think.

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