How does Breakthrough deliver what case management recruits are looking for in 2023?

How does Breakthrough deliver what case management recruits are looking for in 2023?

February 9, 2023

Recruitment has always been one of the most challenging – and important – fundamentals of running a business. And the current talent shortage has made it even more difficult. Since the pandemic we have seen a growing desire from many people to work differently. Across almost all industries, there has been a ‘Great Re-Evaluation’ of priorities. Employees want flexibility, autonomy, working from home, and the improved wellbeing that can come with this. Those looking for case management jobs are no different.

These shifting priorities are a good thing, but they can make recruitment more challenging for employers. So, who are the new recruits that come to Breakthrough Case Management? And what is it that they want from case management jobs?

Existing Case Managers

When someone who is already a Case Manager applies for a job, we like to explore why they want to move. What is it they are looking for in their next role? Often, they feel support is lacking in their current position. Or they feel lost in a big corporation and want more of a voice. We provide opportunities for both at Breakthrough.

A desire to take a step up in their career is a common driver for many applicants. They might be looking for a more senior role or want to diversify their role into a new and different area – business management for instance. Every Case Manager is unique and wants different things from a case management job. We want to understand what an individual’s motivations are, and then discover if we are aligned.

New Case Managers

We think the world of clinical case management offers unique opportunities. Our co-founder Annabelle Lofthouse describes it as “the best job in the world”. Careers in case management certainly have a lot to offer. For those who are moving from a clinical role, they can provide more flexibility to fit your home and family life around your working life. There is also a lot more control and autonomy.

Equally, case management can be a tough job and it’s important to be realistic about this. As a Case Manager, you are at the centre of a lot of moving parts. There are high expectations on you to make things happen, drive cases forward and understand what’s happening across a lot of areas. It’s a different kind of pressure to many more obvious clinical roles.

What people want from case management jobs

Last year, Gallup asked thousands of employees what they want in their next job. We understand that the following five key attributes will be essential to attracting and retaining top Case Managers in the coming year.

1. Income and benefits

Let’s be honest, as much as we talk about other priorities in our work, money is important. There are other ways to demonstrate that someone is valued but we know that pay is particularly important in a job seekers market. That is why we offer some of the best rates of pay in the industry.

We also offer a wide range of benefits that look after our people. From a wellness package and private health insurance to employee ownership and a cycle to work scheme. We also regularly check-in with the team to ask if there is anything else we could be doing when it comes to benefits.

2. Greater work life balance and personal wellbeing

The very nature of the Case Manager role means that it can be tough to maintain a work life balance. At Breakthrough we strongly encourage boundaries. Case Managers are compassionate and empathetic human beings working with people who are coping with a major life disruption. Of course, we want to help people. But we also encourage our team to look after themselves and put their own oxygen mask on first.

To support wellbeing we hold wellness days, offer training and have a mentorship programme. We are genuinely a very supportive team and being there for each other, as well as our clients, is an important part of what we do.

3. Ability to do what they do best

The conversations we start at interview stage about what a Case Manager wants from their job and career continue when they are in post. Wherever possible we try to provide the development opportunities and career progression that our Case Managers are interested in. Whether that is the ability to flourish in their chosen specialty, such as amputee case management or brain injury case management. Or upskilling in a particular area of case management, such as the role of mental health in physical rehabilitation.

We also offer support beyond formal training programmes. Junior Case Managers work closely with their more senior colleagues. And we provide ongoing forums to share ideas, best practice and innovation amongst the team, as well as opportunities to keep up with industry developments. Whatever the individual needs to do their best job, be effective and enjoy their work.

4. Greater stability and security

Breakthrough Case Management and Breakthrough Care are both thriving, growing businesses. We have experienced organic expansion every year since we established. This gives our current team and potential recruits a strong sense of stability and job security.

As well as growing in size, we have a rising profile within the industry. We have a strong reputation for responsiveness and receive a lot of referrals. In fact, referrals increased 80% year on year between January 2022 and January 2023. And they were already pretty good last January!

5. Organisation is diverse and inclusive

We value diversity at Breakthrough and that includes diversity of thought and experience. Our team comes from all sorts of different backgrounds. Importantly, we don’t only recruit for diversity we also embrace diversity in our culture. We see that leads to a really strong team and we want a diverse team of Case Managers that reflect the diverse nature of our client base.

We don’t want cookie cutter Case Managers who are conformist. We want radical thinkers who question how we do things. Who ask questions and throw curve balls. We believe there is always room to improve and we want to hear everyone’s ideas about how we can do it.

Recognition and appreciation for our Case Managers

A final attribute that doesn’t make it to the Gallup list is recognition and appreciation. This is very important to us and we are always looking for ways to show the team how much we value their contribution. Especially when they go above any beyond – not just in their work but also shining a spotlight on a particular injury or flying the flag for Breakthrough externally. Appreciation goes a long way, whether it is through our generous bonus scheme, a shout out to the team, or just a simple thank you.

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