Put simply, what is the definition of a successful team?

Put simply, what is the definition of a successful team?

December 22, 2021

Undoubtedly, a successful team is one motivated by the shared core values of its members. When your team shares the same sense of purpose, they celebrate and champion each other and this creates a culture of excellence within the business as a whole. The team naturally becomes high performing because what matters to the company, matters to them – our success is their success and together we make the difference.

That’s why it’s so important to be clear about your company philosophy from the start. We set out with a clear goal to create an inclusive, compassionate, innovative and dynamic Case Management company. It’s absolutely essential that all our team members share that ethos. These objectives are non-negotiable. That’s what Breakthrough is and ever will be. 

Our recruitment process is therefore values-driven from the outset. It’s not enough to be highly qualified – we want the same moral compass, the same ‘can-do’ attitude and the same level of enthusiasm from everyone on the team.

A solid company structure with assigned roles and responsibilities helps to install confidence across the team. The recent introduction of two new senior positions in our company, Head of Case Management Operations and Head of Clinical Training, has ensured our case managers, our operations team and us as directors, know we have a clear first port of call for specific issues. 

Crucially though, as directors, it is our responsibility to create and sustain an environment in which team members feel confident enough to question, suggest and innovate. We want our team members to feel secure enough to act autonomously, to share what worked and what didn’t and to have the courage of their convictions in pursuit of the very best outcomes for our clients. 

It’s why we work to ensure each team member is as valued as the next and instill a level of trust in their abilities and ideas from the outset. We follow this up by promoting a genuine culture of curiosity throughout the company. We love questions that start with  “What happens if we try…”, “Have you considered…”  or, a particular favorite, “I’ve got this crazy idea…” 

As a group, we won’t always agree on everything, in fact I think it’s healthier not to, but essentially, to be part of a successful team is to share values and work towards collective goals that are important on a personal level to each and every member.

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