Key responsibilities of a Case Manager

Key responsibilities of a Case Manager

June 7, 2022

6 key responsibilities of a Case Manager  

When someone has experienced a traumatic injury they are often required to select a case management company. When they first contact us it’s a difficult time and they are frequently distressed. In addition, they don’t always really understand what they are looking for. Or even what case management means.

Case management services cover a wide variety of functions. This includes practical considerations, such as the co-ordination of rehabilitation and care. But case management doesn’t just take care of physical needs. A good Case Manager will provide emotional support for an individual and their family.

If you are seeking a case management company, for yourself or a family member, we’ve created a list of the most important responsibilities of a Case Manager. This summary aims to support you in your decision making. However, Breakthrough Case Managers offer so much more and play a vital role following life changing injury.

1. Make life easier for you and your family   

A Case Manager’s role is to offer immediate reassurance, answer your questions and provide ongoing support. This starts from the very first meeting we have with you. And it lasts for as long as you need us.  

For example, many people find that before they come to us, progress on their case is slow. We immediately get involved and work hard to speed things up. So, you get the results and the support you need as quickly as possible.  

2. Be organised and organise everyone involved

Case management involves co-ordination with multiple parties. Including your insurers, solicitors and the Multi-Disciplinary Team involved in your rehabilitation and care. This integrated approach can also extend to anything from architects and builders working to adapt your home, to schools or vocational experts facilitating your return to education or work.

A good Case Manager will understand the role of all those involved. They will make certain your entire team works together and communicates effectively. They keep things moving and ensure you get the immediate and ongoing support you need when you need it.

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3. Be available when you need us

Comprehensive case management provides support, not only to meet your physical, but also your emotional needs. This emotional support encompasses the entire family, who are also experiencing a life changing event and highly stressful situation.

Our Case Managers aim to be responsive and available for you when you need us. We genuinely care about what we do and improving the lives of our clients. It’s what motivates us every day. We go above and beyond the average case management company to deliver the best possible service to every single client.

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4. Use our relevant experience and expertise

All our Case Managers are experienced clinical professionals. Our team includes qualified nurses, paediatric nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. This means we understand the system and the complex legal process – and how to navigate through it.  

Our expertise enables us to shape, prioritise and co-ordinate the most effective package for you. One that includes the right rehabilitation, care and therapy for your individual circumstances. To help you take back control, regain quality of life and look forward to a more positive future.

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5. Be a specialist

Specialist healthcare experience is particularly important when it comes to complex case management. This includes traumatic brain injury case management and spinal injury case management, where more extensive care and rehabilitation are required. Cases involving children will also benefit from a Paediatric Case Manager with specialist experience in this area.

Families in these situations need a Case Manager with experience of complex injuries and specialist cases. Someone who is able to co-ordinate the multiple support services involved in complex case management. Our team is selected for their knowledge of key specialisms and trained to offer the expert support you need.

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6. Be friendly and professional

Our commitment to our clients is that we will always remain optimistic and help you see a way forward. At the same time, we will always be honest and realistic with you. We will never raise false hopes or set unrealistic expectations.  

Our Case Managers are here for you. By your side at every stage.

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