Breaking the mould of traditional case management to do better

Breaking the mould of traditional case management to do better

April 19, 2023

How we break the mould of traditional case management companies

Case management for a client and their family following a catastrophic injury is a unique privilege and a great responsibility. Our team of Case Managers all care deeply about every client, and each other. That’s the environment our founders Annabelle Lofthouse and Catrin May wanted to create when they established Breakthrough Case Management. After decades working in healthcare and complex case management, Annabelle and Catrin set out to break the mould of traditional case management. To do things a bit differently – and do them better.

Client centred case management

Annabelle says: “In terms of the difference, our focus was absolute quality from the outset and responsiveness underpinning everything we do. Rightly or wrongly (and we both understand the need for boundaries), Catrin and I have always believed major trauma case management does not neatly fit into a 9 to 5 box.

“The introduction of a Case Manager comes at a time of complete uncertainty when life has changed immeasurably, so we are often in the eye of the storm helping our clients navigate choppy waters into calmer territory. Our guiding presence is there either up front or quietly in the background, as and when needed”.

Every case breaks the mould

This client focused, responsive approach to case management means we break the mould every time we start working with a new case. Because every client is different, there are no rules. The client is in control, not the Case Manager, and we let people know from the outset that we aren’t there to take over or tell them what to do.

There is no set starting point or template for case management, and that isn’t just related to the complex and diverse injuries we work with. Clients will come to us with a certain mindset – which might be positive or negative. In addition, where our clients were physically before their accident can vary hugely. This will make a difference to their goals, rehabilitation plan and the specialist team we put together to support them.

Innovation in case management

Another important driver for Annabelle and Catrin when starting Breakthrough was their enthusiasm for innovation. Firms that have been around for many years often stick with the same ways of working. The Breakthrough culture is to constantly seek better ways of doing things. Whether that’s in our own systems and processes, or medical and technological innovations that support client rehabilitation.

In our latest CQC report, we were proud to receive both an outstanding rating and recognition for our values and culture: “This included being proactive and using innovation, research and accessing specialist health professionals for people’s benefit”.

A different approach to care

Providing services through Breakthrough Care is another important – and unique – aspect of what we do. Our care services build the interface between complex care and major trauma case management – re-imagining what rehabilitation focused care looks like.

Working with separate agencies, we saw that the care offered following a traumatic injury wasn’t always working as well as it could be. That’s why we brought care services in-house, with fully trained rehab assistants who get to know clients and build strong relationships. This means functional rehabilitation focused care can continue every day.

An integrated approach not only helps our clients achieve their goals, but also supports the solicitors we work with. Joined up case management and care means we get solicitors the information they need when they need it. This aids their cases and improves the chances of a positive outcome for our shared clients.

Looking after our team

Many members of our case management team are hugely experienced. They are looking to progress in their career, and we understand that progress looks different to different people. Unlike some case management companies, we don’t offer a specific career pathway but instead provide opportunities that are tailored to a Case Manager’s specific ambitions. Whether that is moving into a management role or a more specialised area of case management.

As well as supporting the experienced Case Managers on our team to pursue their interests, we are also working hard to attract and retain new recruits into case management. Our Amputee Specialist Case Manager has a Quality Assurance role, mentoring and supporting new Case Managers. This is working well and involves a lot of close contact with an experienced Case Manager for those in the early stages of their case management career. It’s an effective approach for those transitioning from a clinical setting and looking for the flexibility, autonomy and other benefits that come with a case management role.

Like minded founders

We wanted to build a company that we would like to work for – that sounds a bit simplistic, but it’s true. What’s more, we’ve stayed true to this ethos as we have grown and developed as a business.

At Breakthrough, we try to break the mould every day by looking for ways to do better. We are open to questions and challenge from every member of the team – and our clients. Because we know that’s what is going to achieve the ultimate goal of realising the best possible quality of life for our clients.

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