Aspects to consider when looking for a case management company

Aspects to consider when looking for a case management company

October 11, 2022

When you are looking for a case management company, you need a safe pair of hands. Do they have the right specialist expertise and an ability to deliver what you need – when you need it? At the same time, you also want a case management company that is innovative. Do they explore new approaches or just stick to the same outdated technology, tools and ways of doing things?

The reasons for seeking a case management company are varied. You or a family member might need guidance and support following a life changing injury. You might be looking for a job as a Case Manager with a leading case management company to start or progress your career. Or you might be a solicitor requiring a case management company to support your clients.

Whatever your motivation for seeking a case management company, with Breakthrough you can be confident we have the knowledge and experience you need. But equally, we are trailblazers. Everything we do is focused on getting results for our clients, our partners and our team – whether it’s ground breaking rehabilitation technology, the latest case management and care software, inventive in-house training programs, or inter-disciplinary knowledge sharing.

Building trust in case management

Trust is fundamental in the relationship between a Case Manager and a family who has experienced a traumatic injury. There needs to be complete certainty we have our client’s best interests at heart and we’ve got their back. Experience and the backing of an established case management company is the foundation this trust is built on.

The co-founders and directors of Breakthrough Case Management and Breakthrough Care, Annabelle Lofthouse and Catrin May, are registered nurses with significant experience spanning over 30 years in healthcare. In addition, they have both spent over a decade in complex case management and complex care support. Annabelle and Catrin work with a team of experienced Case Managers from a wide variety of clinical disciplines, supported by an operations team that ensures everything happens how and when it should do.

We are a relatively new company with a highly experienced team. Our clients can be confident they receive the best possible case management, rehabilitation, care and therapy.

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Innovative approaches to case management

With a long-established business, there is a risk of complacency and resistance to change. Recent history shows it is often the young businesses that bring new and innovative ideas to a sector. Apple, Google and Facebook were all early adopters, launching previously inconceivable new products and ways of working into the tech space. Mobile-only banking innovators, such as Monzo and Starling, have changed financial services forever. They all paved the way for other companies to follow.

As industry leaders, we adopt a similar mindset to get the best for our clients. We are always looking for opportunities and ways to improve. Big or small. Constantly asking the ‘what if?’ questions with an unrelenting focus on results. This includes:

• Bringing our staff training in-house and recruiting a new Head of Clinical Training.

• Fostering cross pollination of best practice across the different disciplines involved in case management.

• Championing a pioneering approach to rehabilitation-focused care, where functional rehabilitation occurs every day.

• Adopting secure cloud-based software to create a more seamless journey for our case management and care clients and support all the professionals involved.

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Supporting and growing our team

This firm foundation and people-first approach, coupled with a mindset that supports innovation and growth, doesn’t only benefit our clients. It benefits the entire Breakthrough team.

Having a Head of Clinical Training and dedicated Continuing Professional Development trainers to deliver in-house learning is a different approach to many others in the sector. It means we offer our team the best possible opportunities to grow and progress – and deliver the safest and best possible services to our clients.

Case Managers often work remotely and operating in silos can mean best practice and new innovations aren’t shared. Not at Breakthrough. We ensure all the different disciplines and roles involved regularly communicate and discuss ideas. This includes a comprehensive mentor scheme that matches new Case Managers with more experienced team members – often across disciplines.

We also invest in technology that makes the team’s job easier. For example, our care management software makes it easy to document daily notes and medical charts on a simple app. As well as providing a tool to track and monitor rehabilitation progress.

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Building partnerships and leading the industry

Technology also supports our partnerships with solicitors, insurers and other medico-legal professionals. Our case management software captures all the information needed to progress a case as efficiently and effectively as possible. Reports and updates are saved securely and made immediately available to everyone involved in a case.

As a company we are developing tech partnerships that enhance the suite of services we provide and deliver innovations to market. We are disrupting complex care support by reimagining traditional service modes and bringing our expertise as case managers into service delivery.

However, while we strive to be trailblazers and lead the case management industry, we never take risks. Compliance and safety are fundamental to good case management and care. We conduct regular audits, staff appraisals and client questionnaires to uncover any potential issues and identify areas for improvement.

We are proud that the high standards we hold ourselves to are reflected in our (literally) outstanding results:

• Outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on our very first inspection.

• Outstanding rating of our service by 100% of case management clients and families.

• Outstanding or good rating of our service by 100% of law firms and referred professionals.

Read our views about why innovation is about more than technology.

Better case management and care

Of course, for every Apple or Google there’s a Theranos or WeWork. Companies that had an idea but didn’t follow through with delivery. Sometimes change isn’t the right thing to do and the established ways of doing things work well. At Breakthrough, we don’t change just for the sake of it. Our top priority is to do things right – and then we look to see how we could do things better.

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