Our Key Values

Our wealth of experience can allow you to be confident that you will receive the very best service.

Breakthrough Case Management provides rehabilitation solutions for those who have suffered a Brain or Spinal Injury and for individuals with complex care requirements.

We are passionate about developing and implementing meaningful rehabilitation which is tailored to the individual needs of each client.  We understand that successful rehabilitation occurs when a strong relationship is built between the client and their therapy team. We set goals that are achievable and pertinent to the individual – we work to find your way forward!

We work collaboratively with our clinical colleagues to develop the right rehabilitation solution for each client.

We support and guide you to realise your full potential and to improve quality of life.

We relieve the burden of navigating unfamiliar processes with local authority services and the legal system.

We put our clients at the heart of all decision making whilst simplifying the rehabilitation journey. Every client is unique; what is right for one, is not right for another.

We are a small, person centred organisation; this means we offer a genuinely personal approach to case management.

We make the difference because of our genuine values and our commitment to providing the highest possible standard of service.

An effective case manager should be fighting your corner for you, when you may not have the energy to do so