Our Values

Breakthrough makes the difference for the individuals and families we support.
This difference stems from our genuine values and a commitment to provide the highest possible standard of service.

Why we do it...
We believe that following a catastrophic injury every individual deserves the best possible quality of life.
We believe this quality of life can be achieved with the right practical and emotional support, and quality care.

How we do it...
We put our clients at the heart of all decision making while simplifying the rehabilitation journey.
We offer a genuinely personal approach to case management and complex care.
We believe that every client is unique. What is right for one, is not right for another.

What we do...
We support and guide individuals
who have experienced a catastrophic injury to realise their full potential and improve their quality of life.
We relieve the burden on families of navigating unfamiliar situations, terminology, and processes.
We work collaboratively with lawyers, insurers, care commissioners
and our clinical colleagues to develop the right rehabilitation solution for every client.

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