Senior Leadership Team

Annabelle Lofthouse and Catrin May are the co-founders and directors of Breakthrough Case Management Ltd.

Annabelle and Catrin each have careers spanning over 30 years in healthcare; they are both registered nurses with significant experience across the NHS and Private Sector. They are both members of The Royal College of Nursing, BABICM and CMSUK.

With well over a decade working for a leading case management company, Catrin and Annabelle are capable professionals with a reputation for delivering highly successful rehabilitation outcomes for their clients. They first worked together in 2017 and quickly discovered that their individual approaches to case management were closely aligned; a shared set of values, a strong commitment to quality and a definite focus on achieving measurable results for their clients led to the creation of Breakthrough Case Management.

The Breakthrough team have established relationships with experienced industry professionals across the South and South West of England; they work closely together to develop and deliver tailored clinical rehabilitation packages to clients with spinal and neurological injuries and to people with complex care requirements. Breakthrough Case Managers work collaboratively to ensure continuing care is individual, appropriate, goal led and well managed.


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