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Our case management services support individuals and their families following a traumatic injury. Our team is by their side at every stage.
From initial needs assessment and goal setting, through to delivery of short and long-terms plans that improve quality of life.
We also work closely with our partners in the medico-legal and insurance sectors, going above and beyond the average case management companies and providers.  

For individuals and families

Your life has changed. You’ve found yourself in a strange world of jargon and bewildering terminology. Our job is to take the complex and help you understand your situation, to articulate your needs when you aren’t able to yourself. We ensure your voice is heard so you get the specialist services that will make life easier and better.
Our Case Managers are all experienced clinical professionals, who understand the complex legal process. We come from a range of healthcare disciplines, including qualified nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists. 

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For lawyers and insurers

Breakthrough Case Management is a team of trusted, qualified professionals. Our relationships with partners in the medico-legal sector are based on integrity, reliability and getting the best results for our clients. 
Selected for their experience and knowledge in relevant specialisms, our case management team is trained to produce the accurate and evidence-based reports you need – when you need them. We care about our clients and are in constant contact with them. 

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Our Case Management Process

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Telephone or video call with Breakthrough Case Management.
We visit to make an immediate needs assessment (INA) or initial case management report (ICM).
This includes comprehensive recommendations for your rehabilitation, therapy, care and case management over 12 months.
INA or ICM report completed, typically within 3 weeks or an agreed timescale.
Following agreement of the report recommendations, case management begins.
Team of expert clinical professionals work with you to progress and optimise your rehabilitation.
Your Case Manager oversees the rehabilitation journey. They ensure goals are pertinent and realistic, and your progress is measured accordingly.
Your Case Manager liaises with other non-clinical disciplines such as architects, builders, vocational experts, charities, sports / personal trainers, alternative therapists, schools, teachers and others. Everyone has individual needs and requires different input.
Your Case Manager updates your lawyers and insurers with monthly progress reports  as required.
Complementary reports are completed throughout the year, which include greater detail and cost tracking.
Further recommendations, along with costs for the coming 12 months, are presented in an annual report.
Your rehabilitation continues up to case settlement, and for many will continue afterwards and long term.
Case management often continues after a case has settled, with many individuals receiving ongoing care and rehabilitation from Breakthrough Care

Our Specialisms

We have expertise working with individuals who have experienced a wide range of complex physical and psychological injuries. This includes traumatic brain injury, spinal and orthopaedic injuries, cerebral palsy, amputation, nerve damage, complex disability, cauda equina and other major trauma.

Our Case Managers

Breakthrough Case Managers are all experienced professionals from a variety of clinical disciplines. Our team contains qualified nurses, paediatric nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. This expertise enables us to coordinate, shape and prioritise the most effective rehabilitation, care and therapy packages.

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